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Hardened & Tempered Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Silver Strips (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the pioneer Traders & Exporters of Hardened & Tempered Medium & High Carbon Steel Strips with a combined production capacity of about 4000 MT/annum. Our products find wide applications in special industrial uses. Stelco manufactures Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips conforming to National and International Standards viz, IS: 2507, DIN 17222. BS: 1449, ASTM A-682. Medium, High Carbon and Low Alloy steel strips (Cold Rolled in-house) are Heat-treated on continuous lines to develop high hardness, toughness, tensile and spring properties.
Special Features:
  • Minimum decarburization
  • Uniform Hardness and Texture
  • High degree of toughness
  • Excellent Spring Properties
  • Precision blanking ability
  • Minimum edge camber
  • Flatness across width
  • No curling
Capacity (Per Annum)
Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips 4000 MT/Annum
The steel grades involved in this range of Hardened and Tempered Steel Strip products are the medium/higher carbon and alloy steels with overall carbon range being 0.45 - 1.05%. Within this range are closely defined standards such as in BS 1449 Part 1 1991, CS50, CS60, CS70, CS80, CS95 and 735A51 specifications. Globally, these would be recognized as say AISI grades 1055, 1060, 1070, 1080, 1095 and 6150 and in the relatively recent European specification EN 10132-4 as C55S, C60S, C67S, C75S, C100S, and 51CrV4.

These steels are most commonly produced with sheared edges and a slightly oxidized blue black (also called blue gray) finish, as these conditions are fully acceptable in engineering component manufacturing. Steel strip with enhanced properties can be produced by edge machining the strip, either before or after the hardening and tempering process. The edge-dressed strip is material where the edge condition from the previous slitting process has been removed, in the Company's case by a very effective in-line, 2-sided machining process which removes the sheared edges which naturally contain a level of micro-cracks and are also of a relatively rough nature. The dressed edge confers a substantial engineering benefit in improved fatigue-resistance properties, this being of particular value in arduous spring-type applications.
Flat springs for automobile clutches, Wood working saws, Masonry and Agricultural tools, Gang saws blades, for marble cutting, Wood cutting Band saws, Hand Saws, Cross-cut Saws, Pit Saws, Doctor Blades, for paper industries, Leather splitting knives, Clutch plates, Brake components, Horn diaphragms, Spring & Spring Washers, Textile and Jute mill accessories, Compressor valve plates, Forge Hammer Belts, Drop pins for textile industries, Spiral coil springs and circular saws, Tubes and non-ferrous metal cutting etc.
Special Requirement:
Stelco Limited can offer a complete range of Hardened & Tempered Steel Strips according to any International Standard. Buyer may furnish the following information to meet the exact requirement.
  • Description of the product
  • Number of relevant International Standard
  • Nominal thickness and width in millimeters
  • Hardness
  • Edge requirement
Our team gives due care to the technical specification details provided by our clients. All of them work in coordination with each other to meet the common objective of satisfying utmost the client requirements.

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