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Wood Cutting Saw Blade

We are one of the leading Manufacturer of wide range of Wood Cutting Saw Blade. Our products are well appreciated in Domestic and Overseas Market.
Narrow Band Saw Blade
We are involved in offering a wide variety high quality of Band Saw Blades to our clients. These products will cut faster and last longer than any other band saw blade in a wide variety of sawing applications. We have wide range of Band Saw Blades with size range.
Following are some of the features
  • Width - 6mm-50mm
  • Thickness - 0.45- 1.20mm
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Wear-resistant
  • Hardness of HRC 45-47
  • Specially designed tooth form
  • Positive rake angle for faster cutting
Wider Band Saw Blade
Wider band saw blades are manufactured from high carbon steel with hardness 45±2 HRc. Band saw blades delivered in coils are always provided toothed.
  • Width: 50mm - 311mm
  • Thickness: 0.80 - 2.20mm
Hand Saw
Hand Saws are made of well Finish hardened and tempered High Carbon Steel strip. Available in both Wooden & Plastic handle packed in Colorful sleeves with information data on both sides making it easier for the consumer to choose the right saw. Available in Bright, Black and Blue.
Following are some of the features
  • Working : Used in Cutting Wooden Boards.
  • Sizes : 12" to 48" length in various thickness
  • Teeth : In both Reverse (Push) and Advance (Pull) Bowelled Teeth
  • Standard Packing : 6 Blades in each box.
Pit Saw
PIT SAW BLADE is so-named because it is typically operated over a saw pit, either at ground level or on trestles across which logs that are to be cut into boards by the pit-saw were mounted. The pit saw is a strong steel cutting-plate, of great breadth, with large teeth, highly polished and thoroughly wrought, some five, eight or even up to ten feet in length.
Pit Saw Blades which are exported to various countries are generally used in African Continent, South-east Asian Countries like Mayanmar, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. Pit Saw Blades are also routed through many other countries for the consumption in these countries only.

Every country/area has its own specifications for Pit Saw Blades they vary in colour, thickness, length and also widths. A general table is being provided below for your reference of the sizes that we manufacture but the sizes will again vary to some extent so please contact personally for actual sizes that are manufactured for these countries.
  • Thickness : 14 Gauge and 16 Gauge
  • Length : 4 to 8 feet with half foot gap
  • Teeth : Commonly Available in Ripping Teeth
Cross Cut Saw
Available in different thicknesses and lengths, the Cross Cut Saw Blade Manufactured and Exported by us are well valued all around the world. Our cross cut saw blade is exported in various finishes like bright, furnace grey, blue, golden. Used manually by applying Straight Vertical Handles on the sides of the blade (Kunda can be provided for the Handle Attachment).
Following are some of the features
  • Working : For cutting small Logs.
  • Thickness : 14 Gauge and 16 Gauge.
  • Length : 4 to 8 feet with half foot gap.
  • Teeth : 'V' Shape and SAP Teeth
Circular Saw
Circular Saws are Manufactured from High Carbon Steel and are one of the fastest and safest wood cutting saw as compared to the other types available in the marketplace. The aesthetic qualities and long term durability of the cutting circular saw blade offered by us is simply incomparable. These are available in Mirror and Satin (Rust Free Range) Finish.
  • Working : For cutting Wood, Plastic, Leather, Battery etc..
  • Size Range : Diameter 100mm to 915mm
  • Thickness 1.00mm to 5.00mm
  • Teeth* : Commonly Available in Ripping and Cross-cut teeth.
  • Bore* : Commonly Available in 5/8", ½", 3/4", 1"\
  • Standard Packing : 5 Blades in each Box
Chain Saw
We import an extensive range of chain saw that is used for various heavy duty applications and suitable for cutting and pruning branches effectively. These are provided with 52cc & 62cc two stroke engines that enhance the efficiency of the equipment. Further, we also provide all standard accessories and tool kit that helps in operating the equipment with ease.
Following are some of the features
  • The engine has strong power and high reliability.
  • The saw has tight structure, light and durable.The main parts such as chain, guide plate and carburetor have various grades and allocations to choose.
  • The specially-designed unit electronic ignition device is reliable because it has superior performance and strong durability and weather resistance.
  • Anti-bounce automatic chain brake control system.
  • The combination of wire spring and high-strength yielding rubber ensures excellent shock effect.
  • Rapid acceleration
  • Robust construction
  • Easy operation
  • Accurate designs
  • Automatic Oil Lubricating System
  • Excel & Green
Our team gives due care to the technical specification details provided by our clients. All of them work in coordination with each other to meet the common objective of satisfying utmost the client requirements.

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